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Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

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Joan Price
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Joan Price Awards

Joan Price received the Catalyst Award 2014 for "inspiring exceptional conversations in sexuality."

Naked at Our Age has been named Outstanding Self-Help Book 2012 from the American Society of Journalists and Authors and honored with the 2012 Book Award from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Media Buzz

"Wrinkly sex kitten? Yeah, why not. Enter the world of Joan Price... our mighty, middle-aged Aphrodite."
- North Bay Bohemian

"Joan Price wants to bring sexual pleasure and freedom back to the Boomers. 'We're the Love Generation,' she says proudly. 'We practically invented sex!' "
- Kirkus Reports

"Joan is the beautiful face of senior sex, who turns up whenever the age group is ridiculed."
- Bonnie Remsberg, author

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Joan PriceI'd love to meet you in person! As events are set, I'll post them on my blog. Click here for my upcoming speeches, readings, and radio/TV appearances and interviews.

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Unconventional Moves:
Helping people get lively & make fitness a habit!

Meeting Planners: Your secret to meeting success

Energize, educate, and entertain your group with upbeat, motivating talks and on-site fitness breaks, line dancing, and exercise classes with fitness expert Joan Price, Unconventional Moves.

Solve your spouse/guest-program challenge with fun and fitness.

Joan is a 5-foot powerhouse, an exercise alchemist who can
coax the athlete out of the inveterate slug."
(Vegetarian Times Magazine, after Joan led staff in a fitness week)

Joan Price connects with audiences who have challenges getting in shape and leaves them informed, satisfied, entertained, and ready to take their next step to improved health and fitness. Not your usual fitness celebrity, Joan is sixty and the survivor of two devastating automobile accidents. Her story, style, and up-to-date, practical information leave audiences saying, "Yes, I can do that!"

"Joan provided the exact presentation we wanted --
a highly motivated speaker with a high impact presentation."
(Consolidated Edison, NY)

"From our initial conversations to the final tear-down, you were a burst of energy,
eager to assist us and a pleasure to work with."
(Rocky Mt. Health & Fitness Expo, Denver)

On-site Exercise:Invigorate your group with these lively fitness activities:

Would your group like a yoga class? Pilates? Tai chi? Tell Joan, and she'll provide a superb, experienced instructor just right for your group's needs.

Joan Price's most requested speech topics:

Looking Good, Feeling Great
Do you have to look good and project health and energy even when you don't feel that way? Joan shows you 10 instant tricks you can use—anywhere, anytime—to rev up physical and mental energy and project a youthful, dynamic appearance.

Fitness in Minutes, not Hours
Physical activity—even a few minutes—increases alertness, productivity and energy while decreasing stress and fatigue. The more active you are, the more you get done and the better you feel. Joan shows you how to fit "fitness minutes" into work breaks and even while performing work tasks.

50 Ways to Leave Your Love Handles
Learn 50—count 'em!—ways to exercise when you barely have a minute. Joan shares 50 practical tips and specific exercises to help you fit fitness into the busiest lifestyle. Handout included.

Yes, You CAN Get in Shape!
Make exercise a treat, not a treatment! Joan shows you how to find a workout that works for you and fits your goals and lifestyle. Get the latest, research-based information about top choices for fat burning, vitality and health, including leisure activities you never thought of as exercise!

We're Not Over The Hill—We're on Top of It!
Ashley Montague said, "The goal is to die young as late as possible!" Learn the good news about staying strong, lean and vital through the years ahead. Hear how to stay vigorous by using research-based fitness tips that take just minutes a day.

Watch Your Back!
Back pain will affect 85% of us. Learn easy ways to protect your back, including lifting and bending techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, safety and comfort tips in an entertaining, interactive format.

Fitness on the Road
Good intentions to exercise often get left behind when you travel. Joan's tips will help you maintain your fitness habit on the road. Decrease stress, increase energy, and enjoy your travel time more with these quick, simple strategies.

"Picture your favorite teacher, stand-up comic and fitness maven
rolled into one, and you have Joan Price!"
(International Mensa)

Click here to learn more about Joan's upbeat,
candid talks and workshops about ageless sexuality.

E-mail Joan today to discuss
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